View Full Version : 42PFL4307 - audio passthrough from USB

06-25-2012, 08:38 AM

In addition to closed topic:
Why I cant add more questions to same topic ?

Although some doubts I decided to buy model 42PFL4307. Disadvantages: multimedia playback from USB.
-3D support
- it can read my external HDD: Samsung 2TB M3 station with NTFS partition. I have more then 50.000 files (audio, video, photos) stored there and it see all supported :p

Few questions appeared during first usage:
1. How to pass DTS audio from file stored on external HDD to home cinema through TVs optical out.
External HDD is connected to side USB port. There is a MKV file vith DTS sound. My home cinema can decode this sound system, but can TV passthrought any multichannel audio (DTS, AC-3, etc) to optical out connector ?
In that case playing DTS sound from file stored on HDD is solved ;)
2. MKV file has two audio tracks. How can I switch them ? TV read only the first track.
3. MKV has subtitles embended in file itself. Can I switch them on ?
At the moment I was succesfull only with subtitles which were separatelly and the name matching file itself.