View Full Version : older TV: 37PFL5603D/10 - Strange colors?

Erik Jensen
06-25-2012, 03:31 PM
I've had this TV for quite a few years, and have had very little trouble with it, a few days back I turned it on and the colors are strangely.. Saturated? It is hard to explain. Green Blue and purple colors a very apparent, and when light hits white objects in the picture it seems to display rather bright green / purple colors.

Is this due to old age? The reason I am unsure if it is a hardware thing, is because when you turn on the TV. For a very brief time the color of the Bar displaying the channel name is correct, before becoming very bright as the picture appears on screen.

Any help is appreciated, I know support is limited on older models, but still feels a bit strange, such a change from one day to the other, I believe I've had the TV for about 3 years and have no problems at all before now.



Philips - Rafe
06-26-2012, 08:45 AM
Hi Erik,

Sorry to see you're having problems with the colour/display on your TV.

Is this happening on all sources?

If so, it would be hard to fully diagnose the problem you're experiencing without taking a look at the television itself. You'll probably need to contact your local Philips team to arrange this, but please do be sure to check all cables/connections to make sure they're not affecting the picture quality.

You can find local contact information on the link below: