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06-30-2012, 10:06 PM
I bought the Phillips Essence TV for 1516 in July 2009 - within a short time the screen had no picture and had to be replaced - this was done under warranty and now , this week ie 29th June 2012 the tv is showing signs that the tv is on the way out - I have contacted the Phillips help line and they advised updating the software which made no difference to the picture quality which is abysmal ( skin tones are red/ ochre and horizontal lines across the screen).

Bearing in mind that I bought the Tv from new , spent 1516 to buy it in good faith - I can now see that it looks like it needs another repair and /or replacement screen.

Does anyone know if there is a design fault with this Tv because 3 years is a short time to be looking at two replacement screens - has anyone had similar problems?

As i see it at the moment , I would have expected a minimum of 5 years before any issues but the Essence I bought is one unlucky and v expensive tv and I am not impressed by the durability of the product.

Philips - Benedickte
07-05-2012, 03:39 PM
Hi Max

Our customer service will get in contact with you.

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07-07-2012, 09:31 AM
Hi Max

Our customer service will get in contact with you.

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This is the reply from Phillips -

Mr Burns

I understand that the cost of repair of TV's is high and that after buying a premium brand it can be disappointing when they brake. However, it is unfortunately the case that such complex equipment of whatever manufacture, may require some service attention from time to time and it is not possible to predict when or how often this may happen.

I have had a final consoltation with the team that is responsible for coordinating repairs for Philips in the UK as regards to your case. They have informed me that policy is non neogitable and the standards are set to make it fair for all consumers who have had any issue in or out of warranty.

Unfortunatly we cannot offer anymore assitace than we already have.

Hope you can understand why our policys are in place and why we apply a uniform standard.

Kind regards


Philips TV UK&I

My Reply is as follows

Dear Jack,

thankyou for your e mail. To put the record straight -the TV I bought from new in 2009 has had a defective screen on 2 occasions.It was not a dissapointment so much as a realisation that I had spent 1516 on a TV which I now know wasnt worth half this amount.

The product I bought was I agree a "premium" or luxury tv , but it has been anything but a premium product in terms of its durability, performance or ability to continue to perform its function which was simply to be a reliable TV.

In terms of fairness to all consumers, not all consumers spend 1516 on a Tv - in fact most consumers go to Tesco or other supermarkets and buy tvs for alot less. If there is supermarket near you, Jack, I suggest that you pop in at lunch time to see the prices of the tvs - most people ( consumers ) I know dont spend the amount I spent and most tv 's come with a 5 year warranty as standard. If your reasoning is that you as a representative of Phillips are being unfair to others then my question is - is it fair that a consumer pays 3 times the average price of a tv and has to now accept a tv which may be economically unviable to repair after only 3 years?

Is it fair that the Phillips approved repair centre cannot offer me more than 1 months warranty for the repair and is it fair that given most consumers expect a tv to last for 5 years this tv has barely been able to make it past 3 years ? Jack, if you wish to be fair it would be better if your reasoning held more weight.

I understand that you have had a "consoltation" - I think you meant to write consultation- with the team regarding my" case"- I have also spoken to Phillips UK on the telephone and was told that they are no longer prepared to offer " leniency" to anyone apparently because the economic climate has changed . It is a strange word to choose to use , as leniency would suggest that I have as a consumer committed an error or mishandled the product or was trying to illegally obtain goods that I am not entitled to - this is far from the truth- all I ever wanted as a consumer is for the Tv I bought to last for a minum of 5 years and for it to be repairable at reasonable cost - both expectations ( not high expectations I should add) have not been met and to suggest that I as a consumer should have expected anything less is just plain wrong - we both know that a tv can and should last at lot longer than 5 years and your company , Phillips UK make a point of projecting an image of reliability,.Where did it all go wrong, Jack?

As your last word is a definite " No" - Phillips UK has lost a consumer and I hope that if the standard of my tv is anything to go by it wont be long before many more consumers choose other brands over Phillips. Just one last thought , if the main preoccupation of Phillips is its profit margins over consumer satisfaction then there wont be a business because you need consumers to buy your products.

And by the way before you send emails to consumers, as a matter of courtesy could you check the spelling because I counted 5 words which were incorrectly spelt - it may mean nothing to you but the spelling mistakes gave me the impression that you couldnt care less.

Please keep up your good work on behalf of Phillips UK -

Yours sincerely

Peter Burns