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07-03-2012, 07:39 PM
Having 300+ channels on your tv might make you want to order, to rearrange them, especially when a lot of channels are not in your provider-contract and therefore 'empty'.

If you want to change the order of channels on a Philips TV, you normally would use the remote and press [list], select and then press [options] which takes you to a menu where you get the option to change the order of channels.

Dutch cable company Ziggo does not allow viewers to change the order of channels. This option is simply erased from the menu via the CI+ cam module (!!!! yes, really!). So, technically it is possible to change the order, but Ziggo wants to control this via CI+ and apparently Philips agreed to this by making the software ziggo compatible.
I wouldn't know why Ziggo would provide this 'service' (yep, that was sarcastic).

So, this is already extremely ^&%$#$% for customers, but anyway... The promise is, that you can work around this.

The proposed workaround:
You can tag every channel to a 'favourite' list (306 channels, one by one, manually... did that, took me 20 minutes !) Ok, a lot of work. And THEN you can change the order in the favouristes list, is the idea. But now the big surprise: the Philips PFL5007 can't handle this large group of 306 favourites. The software crashes. THIS SOLUTION DOES NOT WORK.

This is really very, very very *&^%$#, because of course all CRAP-channels of Ziggo are among the fist (like advertising, mosaik, more advertising, more advertising, sports, Disney, baby tv and other CRAP). It seems Ziggo AND Philips do not allow me to group and move channels like discovery, national geographic and History to a higher rank; the six BBC -channels are positioned 601-606... AAAARGH!!! GIVE ME BACK MY FREEDOM!

So my request: Dear Philips; please undo the restriction, let me change the channel order again. I'm a grown up, really.

Or -if you're bound by a contract with ziggo, at least ad an option to change all channels to favourites at once (so customers do not have to do this manually one by one like I did). AND make the software able to handle favourite lists of 300+ channels.
It is really a very depressing thought that the next couple of years I am stuck with this, only because of some manipulative top brass manager who thinks less service is a good idea as long as he makes money.

Or else...?
I think it's only a matter of time Philips will encounter a 'the truth about Philips + Ziggo' campaign on Facebook, all kinds of fora and on TV in consumer programs.... You want reputational damage? Right now you're asking for it.

Repair this, please! If you choose to value long term commitment, your customers will too. If you don't....

Philips - Thomas
07-10-2012, 05:33 PM

thanks a lot for your Feedback.
Indeed, due to Provider Restrictions we can not change the way the TV reacts.
I'm sorry but as long as Ziggo will have this restrictions, what you want will not be possible.
If you have any further Questions, please contact ziggo or you local Support directly:


07-18-2012, 03:58 PM
Thanks for the reply, thomas

The problem was, that the tv was brandnew, so I had no reference. After the tv-software had crashed, the favourites list was limited to one page of 20 channels, I thought that was normal /standard (= no reference). That's why I thought it couldn't handle the large amount of channels, and why I did not want the favourites-solution option of only 20 channels -so I thought, I just wanted to be able to change the order of the main 'long' list. But that crashed the tv...

Anyway. I tried updating the software via wifi, but this did not solve the limitation to only one page of favourites. It simply said the software was up to date. So then I tried to update via USB, which did override the installed software. And now it works like I want it to work; I have a list of about 60 channels in the favourites, which can be rearranged.

Turns out you can have a favourites list longer than 20, but not 300+.

Still I think it's a strange idea that a cable company like Ziggo chooses to actively manipulate its clients viewing behaviour, by putting their 4 ziggo channels that are full of commercials among the first channels in the order they decide, and then use the smartcard to block the possibility to rearrange the order of channels. Well, apparently they get away with it, because in a lot of areas in the netherlands they hold a monopoly on cable tv (the so called free market competition is a farce, In my area I can only choose between ziggo and ziggo and ziggo and ziggo... or buy a satellite dish...).