View Full Version : Strange minute video slowdowns

07-13-2012, 05:50 PM
i just bought a 47PFL4606, and i'm loving it for the most part.
First, i disabled dynamic background lighting. WAAy to agressive (lemmings inside the TV playing with a lightswitch!)

ANd i notice a very small (speed) fluctuation in the image

It kinda reminds me of old 1920's film where the playback speed isn't always the same. (but much less noticeable of course)
You sometimes see these "speed bumps" on live sports.
football, Tour/cycling... During the race (i guess) the video stream sometimes has problems being sent/ beamed to the broadcasting station.
And for a fraction of a second it looks like the images slow down a bit (like there is a buffer, while more video is beamed in)
followed by a fraction of images appearing to move a bit faster than normal.

I hope that discribes what i'm seeing here.(i'm seeing it allot!)

:o i hope that someone knows what i'm trying to describe! :confused:

And better yet, know a way to fix it.