View Full Version : When Net TV gets a new surface?

10-07-2010, 01:33 PM
When is the new Net-Tv online?

In many magazines since a long time and also on the Philips Webside there is promoted the new Net-Tv (ZDF media library, video Load ,....)
Unfortunately, all this were not online.
Is there a deadline?

Also missing the function of the "Red Button" (to call HbbTV). This function also is desrcibed in the printed manual, but not present.

Thank you for Information

10-19-2010, 02:51 PM
When Net TV gets a new surface?

Philips has announced at IFA 2010 that net-tv got a new surface and new services (Videoload, ZDF mediathek ,Pro7, ARD Mediathek,....). See e.g. this picture: 53]
Even the Philips website also advertised with a new Net-TV services. But all this in not available.

When is the reality? Is there a Date?

On the last IFA 2009 e.g. ZDF-Mediathek-service was announced but nothing happens in realitiy (They said at the IFA 2009 "....in Septemberthe ZDF-Mediatheki on Philips TVs to be available, announced Volker Blume, Technical Product Manager at TV, in Hamburg.....)