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07-25-2012, 12:39 PM
Having recently purchase a set of Philips SHE7005/00 headphones I am a little disappointed.

Having looked at a number of pairs by various manufacturers I settled on these as I have had Philips headphones before. I was after one feature in particular, volume control via an in-line remote. It appears that the SHE7005's do not actually have this feature even though it is listed on the Philips website.


Does anyone know how to get this feature to work (I might have just missed a trick) if it is a function of the headphones. I've even tried Philips live chat and they seemed no more clued-up than myself.


07-26-2012, 07:34 AM
hello netheo86,

what do you expect for 'in-line volume control remote'
looking into the leaflet you have quoted, i feel like the remote is just this:


maybe i m wrong. this is just my interpretation.


07-26-2012, 08:07 AM
yeah, that's the remote but they key phrase used is:

'in-line volume control remote'

to me it doesn't matter what it looks like, the assumption when i ordered online is it can control volume; which having used it now seems cannot.
As the description specifies that it can control volume (which is why i ordered them) not just play and skip functions i figured maybe i'd missed something.

If all it can do is play/pause/skip then it should really be described as:
'in-line function control remote'

It's miss selling, you wouldn't be able to sell a car which claims to have a/c when in reality all it has is regular blowers to clear the windscreen etc.


07-26-2012, 08:12 AM
ok so you are saying your headphone has the small 'remote' thing in the cable (like my image attached). but it cannot be used to control volume. it just has skip/ play/ pause feature.

08-11-2012, 06:23 PM
Blackberry, HTC, iPhone, LG, and Motorola phones do not use the extension... ever! So if you have it hooked up with it, try not using it. I also have seen another headset on Philips site with this exact same remote on it and it said it's compatible with certain ones. Here's the ones that...

Support All Functions
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note
HTC Desire
HTC Desire S
HTC Desire HD
HTC Sensation
Motorola Razr

Support Partial Functions
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (Fail to control Play/Pause, Next & Previous for Default Music Player)
Dell Streak (Long press will trigger Voice Dialer)
Motorola Droid (only function Play/Pause in off screen with default player)

No Function for Equalizer
HTC Beats
LG Optimus BLK
Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100) with Default Music Player
Motorola Droid A856 with default player
Motorola Droid A855 with default player
HTC ADR6300 with default player

No Function for Media Player control
Winamp doesn’t work when app in background
Songbird doesn’t work when screen locked
PowerAMP overrides the auto-launch of selected media player in Headset app. It could be solved by switching off PowerAMP auto-launch settings.
HTC Incredible 2 with default player
Amazon cloud player

Non-Media player show in Media Player list
HTC EVO 3D - FM Radio
SonyEricsson Arc S – FM Radio

and these are not supported...
Different pin assignment for the jack
Samsung Galaxy S (9003)
Philips GoGear Connect3
Sony Ericsson mobile phones
Button signal cannot be passed to app
Kindle Fire

and only Android version 2.3 or above works with it if you have a android phone. You may also need the Philips Headset App and you will definitely need a 3.5 mm headset jack on your phone which is a normal size CD player, MP3 Player headset jack. I hope this helps anyone who is wondering.

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