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07-27-2012, 09:32 AM
Hi everyone,

I own a 42PFL7656/k02 since September 2011.

Recently I have noticed, that the edges of the TV screen are brighter than the rest of the screen.
For now i don't have any picture of it, but if i switch to a input which is not connected (e.g. HDMI2), the background is "black", but the edges (upper right and both lower edges) are very bright (nearly white).

This is also noticeable while watching TV independently from the video source (HDMI1, DVB-S, Scart)

Did someone experienced same issues?
What could be the problem?
Should i return my TV or try to get a exchange TV?

Thank You!


07-27-2012, 09:43 AM

your TV has Edge LED background lighting and your observed issue is the drawback of that technology. However, it should only be slightly visible. So, please post a picture of it...


07-27-2012, 10:57 AM
Hi Toengel,

I'm aware that i have the Edge LED technology, but i wasn't aware that it would be visible like this.
I'm almost pretty sure that it is a bug, because the upper left corner doesn't show those effects.

I will post a picture ASAP.

Thank You!


08-04-2012, 11:52 AM
Ok, here i am.

I just wanted to make some observations during the last few days and the pictures beneath are what i see.

I have noticed that it gets worst from day to day!



08-06-2012, 08:54 PM

Do You think this is ok?
What would be my next step?

Thank You!


08-21-2012, 12:43 PM

09-11-2012, 02:16 PM

In the meantime i have contacted the philips hotline.
After days of writing and finally sending them the pictures there was no answer for a WEEK!!!!
I then decided to call them and pay a stupidly high price just to hear them say: "Yes, we have looked into it and our technician said, that this is within tolerances". I politely asked the man if he was serious to judge if this is "within tolerances" only by looking at 5 pictures and indeed, he was dead serious. I unfortunately forgot to ask, why i was not contacted in this case.

So after a longer discussion he agreed to pick up my tv (off course without any replacement for the time my tv was at their place) for "further investigations".

Unfortunately, since the man on the phone was really unpolite and unfriendly and not cooperative at all, i am sure that the outcome of this "investigation with adjusted measurement devices" will be off course negative and i will get my tv back just as it was.

So, for me the case is clear. This is definetly the last time i have bought a philips tv or a philips product at all. And by reading the topics of this board i can clearly see that philips is not really interested if their customers are satisfied with their products or not!

10-05-2012, 12:58 PM
This story would be very funny if i would listen to it, but actually i could cry because of how customer service is treating their customers.

TV was picked up by two guys on 11.09 in the morning.
It was received by the service shop on 14.09 and I've received a confirmation with a link where i could see, what is happening with the TV.

Last week (somewhere between 24.9 and 26.9) i have noticed that the last entry was on 17.09 saying that the TV was "in Progress" (whatever that means).

So i waited until Friday (28.09) and then i decided to call Philips customer service. The lady at the phone told me the same thing as i already knew, so she gave me the phone number of the shop.
There i was again told the same by the 2nd lady and it slowly started to piss me off. So after asking if i was in the shop she says yes but only in the secretary's office and she gave me the number which would lead me directly to the workshop.
Ok, i called yet another number and i waited in the line. Altogether (with short breaks and so) i waited for amazing 1.5h and not even then the phone was answered. (in the meantime i contacted the lady from before to get a confirmation that someone was in the shop, but she was not willing to put me through directly)

Ok, so i gave up and decided to wait for Monday (01.10).
After calling the number and waiting in the line for another 15mins. my prayers (and the phone) were answered.
After a short discussion and again hearing that my TV is "in progress" i wanted to have more information. And then he told me something i couldn't believe:

Customer Service: "Sir, i cannot tell You what the problem with Your TV is. I'm not a technician"
Me: "Then please put me through to one, because i really would like to know what the problem is and when i can have my TV back"
CS: "Sorry sir, our technicians do not talk or write emails to customers".

After another few minutes of discussion and trying to understand why a official Philips workshop cannot give me ANY information at all what is happening with MY TV, i then asked if he would be so kind and talk to the technician and contact me with more information than i already know, he said: "we will not do this but i will try to fasten the process of repair".

So, after waiting in line for more than 1.5 hours and talking to 3 different people, NO ONE was able to give ma a piece of information on what the hell is going on with MY TV!?!?

I then decided to write a mail to the same service in hope to reach something asking them how it can be that they have a "germanys best customer service" badge on their page, why a customers always need to make hundreds of calls in order to receive any information about the product THEY have bought and finally, how can it be possible for Philips to look at the pictures and tell the customer that this case is "within tolerances" and after i send the TV back i get to hear that my TV is broken!? WTF??

OK, moving on, yesterday (04.10) late afternoon i received a call from the very same guy i contacted at the workshop telling me that they are willing to send me the same TV model which was broken and then repaired.
Off course i still wanted to know what the problem with MY TV was and all I got is: "your TV is waiting for parts which are not deliverable some time soon". After asking more questions like "what parts, why and and and" i (off course) wasn't getting anywhere.

So, i agreed to receive the "new TV" with a new guarantee and I'm really looking forward to see what they will send me.

And still there is one very important question open: why did Philips customer service tell me that "looking at the pictures I've sent them, everything was "within tolerances"" and now I'm waiting for MY TV for 3.5 weeks because it's BROKEN???

Why does Philips want to get rid of their customers? Why are they trying to mislead people thinking that the people will believe them and therefore not send their products back?

For me it's definitely the last Philips product ever. It's not like the competition is sleeping and has worst products! Philips, You definitely have a long way to go...