View Full Version : Philpse Go Gear Vibe mp4 player

07-29-2012, 03:12 PM
hi i have brought philpse go gear vibe 4 gb mp4 player, its play very well sound is pretty nice but i had read in specification for that. its mentioned its supports searching method as 'ZAPPIN' but i could not find how to use it?

please suggest it

Thanks in advance

07-30-2012, 05:36 AM
hi dhananjay,

for Vibe, there are vibe 1 generation, vibe 2 gen, vibe 3 gen and vibe 4 gen. can you specify which on eyou have? you can look at the label on your player to see what is the letter after SA*. say if that s a SA3, it s the third generation...

that way we can look into product specification. but right now, i ll say, not that i aware of for this zappin feature... or it s just not in my language... :)

if there s an option 'I dont know' then it ll hv my vote :>