View Full Version : Fidelio App 2.2.5.

07-30-2012, 08:05 AM
I haven't got volume setting working for alarm with Fidelio App 2.2.5. iPhone is not muted and Fidelio is running on foreground. When I set volume level with iPhone and/or with Docking Station, it has no effect to alarm volume level. When alarm starts, volume raises quickly to high level independently to iPhone and Docking Station volume setting. Volume setting worked with Fidelio App 2.2.4.

iOS device model: iPhone 4S 16GB
iOS: iOS 5.1.1
DockStudio version: 2.2.5
Docking device used: DS1100/12

07-31-2012, 03:00 AM
this is what i observe as well. maybe this is one of the changes.
the alarm volume (app in foreground) will go up to vol 16 in 15-16 mins no matter what volume you have set. this part is fine for me since this is kind of the appropriate volume to have me waken up.

the part that i was not happy about is the alarm volume (app in BACKGROUND), the volume will be using the volume you have set. for me it s at volume 8. the alarm only lasts for 30 seconds and in this volume, i can hardly hear it.

why cant the alarm in background be like that in foreground, say volume gradually go up to 16 in 25 seconds