View Full Version : BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.34) has been released

Philips - Remko
08-01-2012, 12:29 PM
V3.34 is released to BDP7700/12, /51,/ 93, /98 only.

V3.34 includes the following changes:

Enables support for 4k x 2k Full Quad HD HDMI TVs.

Fixes the following issues:

USB device or SD card not detected by the player if Fast Wake-up mode is set to ON.

USB mouse icon not appearing in NetTV internet browser.

USB mouse icon not appearing in NetTV internet browser.

Note: After upgrading the firmware, follow the steps below to reset the device to factory settings:

1. Switch off the player.
2. Switch on the player.
3. Go to Setup Menu (Do not go to Easylink / Preferences).
4. On the remote control press UP to scrolled to ADVANCED.
6. The player would automatically restart.

Kindly download the software at www.philips.com/support

08-08-2012, 02:12 PM

Yesterday I received my BDP7700 player.
First thing I did was to install this new sw version. (3.34)
I bought this model because I want to use the analog 5.1 output of the player and bypass the decoder of my AV system.
During setup I found what I believe are 2 bugs, when I want to set the trim values of each output (relative channel value):
1. For each channel I can attenuate the output (from 0 dB to -3dB) but there is no change when I try to increase the channel output 0db till +3dB (there is no output level change)
2. When I select the Right Surround output, sound comes out from all channels output (and not only through the correct channel. (this does not happen during auto tone option! or during normal play).

(Frankly I did not have enough time to check correctly why, but) compared to other Blu Ray system I tried at home (from different maker) it seems that speakers timing/ distance is not so perfect, like if the speakers distance are not correctly being considered during playback. Through this player sound is more diffused, less focus and stage definition.

Can anyone tell me if this is only happening on my player? I never saw any of these problems reported before.
Thank you for your time.