View Full Version : Problems with My remote and Easy share

08-08-2012, 11:02 PM
Hello everyone

I have a brand new Philips TV 42PFL4307H/12
Its connected to the PC via hdmi and to my network via router (Gembird NSW-R3). They are both in the same network and the firewall has the software in the exeptions. I have Windows XP on my PC. The Net TV works fine since I can browse the net and use applications.
BUT I ve been trying to get My remote and Sharing content from my PC and network, to work since I bought it with no success.
I installed media server + manager and put the license key in it, and registered my TV. Now, when I go to MY NETWORK
on the TV it says start media server and wait, and it searches for the media software (which is running on my PC) but doesnt find anything, so I have to turn that off.
There is absolutely no instructions about Media server + manager which I find hard to understand, the software is just there on the Philips site without any instructions, not even a few lines, so we are left to figure it out ourselves. Whats more there is no instructions in the Media manager as well, so I feel clueless when I open it, it shouldnt be that complicated, should be user friendly. The customers are left on their own when it comes to software.
Also on the Media server settings (Twonky) site, under sharing- media receivers , my TV isnt listed, and if I try to play or beam anything it says "Could not find any available players"
Concerning My Remote, when I go to install My remote or Philips simple share it says "You don't have any devices."

Its all so confusing and the comments I read tell me I am one of the hundreds that have problems with Philips software.
If I knew I was going to spend days and days trying to set up my TV and posting on forums and searching the net, to be honest, I wouldn't have got the TV first place (which in my country costs almost 2 months salaries) so you can understand my frustration.

So please, please Philips, pay attention to the hundreds of customers having problems with software and setting ALL the features to work, and make us not regret we spent our money because we trusted a brand like Philips.
Help me solve this problem please because I got tired of digging information on my own and reading posts in forums.

Thank you in advance