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10-31-2010, 01:48 PM
Good day to you,

We are students at Ghent university involved in consumer research on future media.

If you are active in the domain of Internet TV and alikes, we are eager to hear your say about the future of television, internet and the combination of both.

Want to share your thoughts with us and other lead users?


kind regards

10-31-2010, 04:08 PM
Dear students!

I got an email from Philips asking for a survey. That made me think on how effective nettv is. I am a big fan of media options through a pc, mediaplayer or tv and have tested them all. It would be great if you do wide survey on these media options and hope managers of Philips pick up our feedback because nettv can be the future and even a reason to buy a Philips tv! It all depends on what is offered.

I was not positive on the survey on the forum and left this message:
I am missing interaction with Philips and topics need to be organized. Now it is taking too much time to search and the whole purpose of NetTV it can compete with internet on a pc, and eventually replace it but in that case nettv would need a keyboard, support html, and videos for all formats including flash, silverlight, wmv. Now it does not and is only good to use traffic and weather. It would be a good mediaplayer if all HD content is HD quality and not limited to what Youtube allows. Now it is a pain to find quality and too time consuming.

For example a question on Google (only 2 hits on searching Google in the forum) is not answered. A good google service would be ideal and next step in replacing a pc that is placed next to tv.

Personally I would like the following services;
- good videoplayer supporting all video formats while internet browsing
- video rental service in HD not SD (current Videoland)
- Google internet with dropdownlists you can select
- music player such as Spotify on Philip server (now only possible on pc because you need to install software)
- connect keyboard with USD or WiFi so you can email
- digital newspaper link (I have a subscription with NRC)
- internet favourites (currently on history)
- some NAS servers have the option to host e.g. an iTunes server and have integration with iPhone. Point here is that the marketing on DNLA is overdone because it only allows access to your pc in the network but does not organize the music or pictures, you still need a pc for that. Mediaplayers also do not have that option.
- Picasa is only available as webservice so does not replace the pc either

Philips also provides a 3D blueray player, why not integration with a mediaplayer like Playstation? Would be ideal to have one player for all, and likely the reason that net services should probably still be in a seperate device

Conclusion: If none of the above; Net tv is limited to small services such as checking traffic weather, news, uitzending gemist.One area it should definitely strive for is proper internet browsing! The market is big enough for people that do not have a pc or one next to the tv. For users like me it is useful so I do not have to switch the pc on all the time so I can quickly browse for a simple question, but searching needs to be easy so you need to be able to select Google search lists.

11-01-2010, 08:43 AM
In the future I can watch TV on any device, my mobile phone, my iPad, my laptop and my TV. It is free, but is supported by advertisement. When I pay a monthly fee, it can watch without advertisements.

When I am in reach of another viewing screen, I can command to continue watching on that screen, seamlessly and immediately. Additional stuff like High Definition and 3D are automatically offered. When I move away from the screen it can seamlessly continue on my portable device. Any product brand is supported.

All devices communicate my personal ID. This ID links to intellect in the system.
When I watch a program from a serie, automatically the next episode will be offered. My viewings result in automatically recommendations for other programs or movies.
With my ID I also implement my social media settings and my news items priority. I define when and how I allow notifications.

All devices support a kind of red button information where I can check all the background of the provided content.
Further I can simply Google on any subject, resulting in recommendation of available contend to be watched instantly.

Technically this can all be build today. The point is; “who collects the money”. This is a struggle between content makers/movie industry, distributers/broadcasters, product makers and software developers. It will take decades to get them aligned.

That is why systems like Net TV are of great value to get this going. Net TV brings together all these parties and gets them aligned to a multi branded open standard.

11-01-2010, 09:05 AM
In the future you don’t have screens, you have holographic projections.
(Don’t you watch Star Wars?).:p

11-08-2010, 07:28 AM
See this project (http://www.designbynotion.com/metamirror-next-generation-tv/).