View Full Version : Songbird cannot check for firmware on SA4RGA04BF/07 (Raga GoGEAR)

08-26-2012, 10:52 AM
I have installed Songabird from the unit, updated and also uninstalled and tried with the latest version of songbird from the support page for the unit (downloaded 26 August 2012 - filename sa4rga04bf_97_psb_aen).

Whenever I try to update the firmware to see if can help with the awful performance of the player. Songbird always says 'There was an error while checking for new firmware. Please verify your network connection and try again.'

Network/internet connection is fine.

(I hope someone was fired for releasing such a terrible mp3 player.:mad:)

08-31-2012, 11:19 AM
Try with this link to see if it helps

http://philips-diagtool.sbe-online.com/#content=view_identification;lang=EN;arg=;country= US;