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08-30-2012, 08:50 AM

I written from Bulgaria and i am new one with your forum.
I have some problems with my PHILIPS TV an DLNA server.

I cant find any server which can work correctly with my TV.

Please can you tell me with which DLNA server the PHILIPS TV can work correctly with my Note Book / Toshiba A300D-18I, CPU AMD Thurion 64x2RM-70 2Ghz, ATI3470/.
Which server you use for PHILIPS.

I was try with this server:
- SERVIIO, TWONKY, Домашний медия-сервер, TVmobillity and XBMC.

I want to look on my TV the following format files:

I have no more nerves.....

Thanks in advance.


08-30-2012, 08:53 AM

every DLNA server should run - but be sure, you installed the latest firmware on your TV - current is 14.99.

Also your PC and TV need to be in the same network. Additionally, you can try the Philips MyRemote app. It also contains a DLNA server.


08-30-2012, 07:39 PM

Than you very much for your quick reply.
Can please send me a Last Version of Philips MyRemote app, i will try and i will send you what is the result.

By the way the PC an TV is in same network.

Thanks in advance,

08-31-2012, 06:36 AM

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=philips.oneremote

iOS: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/philips-myremote/id426883783?mt=8
iOS-Tablet: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/philips-myremote-hd/id501031744?mt=8


09-07-2012, 12:40 PM
Hello all,

Sorry again but i steel have some problems with my TV and DLNA server.

I have some succeed with MEZZMO SERVER, but not Full. Do not playing all the files, and do not hav subtitles.
I will try to give you the all information, to see what is the problem.

1. Some files playing well like these format:

- Lockout.UNRATED.720p.BluRay.X2[/B]64-BLOW / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.37GB
- Battleship.2012.PROPER.720p.BRRip.XviD.AC3[/B]-ViSiON / Video Clip (.avi) - 3.57GB
- Johnny.English.Reborn.2011.BDRip.XviD[/B]-AbSurdiTy / Video Clip (.avi) -750MB
- noscr-transit.720p / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.35GB
- Match.2012.BDRip.720p.x264.DTS-IRONCLUB /MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.96GB
- Safe.2012.720p.RC.Bluray.DTS.MP3.2Audio.x264 / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.44GB
- The.Hunger.Games.720p.BluRay.X264-BLOW / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 6.54GB

2. Some files playing but not running smoothly, I mean not running well like these format, and cant scroll forward :

- The.Woman.in.Black.2012.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv)-6.35GB
- inf-raven1080p / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 7.64GB
- The.Hunger.Games.720p.BluRay.X264-BLOW / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 6.54GB
- noscr-transit.720p / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.35GB

3. And some of the files can not playing, on the TV screen not written anything just do not playing, like these format.

- Days.of.Thunder.1990.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-RuDE / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 6.58GB
- Get.the.Gringo.720p.BluRay.x264.DTS-HDChina / MKV - Matroska Video files (.mkv) - 4.84GB

I try many times on WI-FI connect, with LAN to TV from router, and LAN to PC from router but the result is the same.

And also every time when i go out from MEZZMO, and switch OFF the TV and then i wan to connect the TV again with serve, the TV start to search from the beginning. Dont save MEZZMO in PC Browse.

The TV is PHILIPS PFL6606H with software:

- Release for: TV550R3
- Q5551-

The PC have Windows 7

I try to connect my TV with PC from one mount ago, but without result. I try also with SERVIIO, but this server dont play the big files/6,7 GB/, and i must to put LAN cable to PC an TV from router to playing well.

Can you somebody help me please to enjoy the DLNA connect, i will be great full.

I written from Bulgaria.

Best Regards,