View Full Version : SimplyShare and Ipad - video questions

09-03-2012, 07:25 PM
I have got a LCD TV
and an IPAD3. I Have installer MyRemote and I try to watch movies from my Ipad to my LCD TV.
I have several questions :
- what are the supported formats for the movies ?
(is it written on the Philips Web site ?)

The Simplyshare is well connected to my IPAD, but when I click on the SimplyShare icon, I see :
- Images (8)
- Movies (7)
If I click on Images, I have got 99 and I can display them to the TV screen. So it works fine (execpted the number of "8"... I don't know what is that)

But for the movies, I have only 2. Those 2 movies are made with the camera of the Ipad. But when I want to display them on the TV, I have got the following error message :
"Error from the source device" (or something like that)
"Not found"

So other question is : what's going on ?
What are the supported formats ?
Why does the application see only those movies and not others? I have other DIVX movies on my IPAD?
What can I do to send them to the TV screen ? (where I can find them?)

Are we able to send other video streams to the TV screen ?

I thank you very much for your help :)