View Full Version : Ds8800-37 problems

09-07-2012, 05:03 AM
Hey everybody, im havin some trouble. So i get my new fidelio today and setup the airplay with the non-WPS method and it works fine! So i take it to my friends house and connect it to his network for a while, i go back to my house and try to stream and it doesnt work, i do the setup again and it acted like it was connected but would freeze up and there was no playback and this time when i setup, there was no conformation beep, a few times it would play for a few seconds and than cut out. Ive tried reconnecting several times nothing works. The airplay symbol comes up on my ipad and i can choose the fidelio from the menu but after that the playback freezes for a few seconds, and than it kicks me back to my ipads speaker... Can anyone help me? Auxiliary and remote control still works, only the airplay is giving me problems. I have the fidelio soundcurve ds8800-37

09-07-2012, 07:14 PM
got it working today and it was playing for about 10 minutes, and than cuts off. i was streaming off of my mac laptop and a message came up saying "an error occurred while connecting to the airplay device "fidelio" the network has been refused