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09-14-2012, 01:30 AM
Songbird will not mount my Phillips Go gear Raga . Already have unstalled / re installed Songbird and is fully updated. Also disabled as many as possible add ons. Using Windows XP. Device will sync with Windows media player but i wanted to add playlists thru Songbird. If I let it run for a long time Songbird gives up trying to sync and crashes. This player is brand new.

09-14-2012, 08:13 PM
Nobody from Phillips knows?

09-17-2012, 08:40 AM
Did you try it as Administrator and also did you try on a different PC?

09-17-2012, 09:06 PM
Did you try it as Administrator and also did you try on a different PC?
Yes I am an Administrator, and it does work with an old laptop that has not been updated with all of Windows security updates as my desktop PC is currently up to date. Both are XP. It also works on the desktop with Songbird NOT Phillips Songbird but the freeware Songbird.

01-04-2013, 01:51 AM
Anyone having this problem, check the devices listed before you plug in your gogear. My songbird was picking up my printer and some other mass storage device. Once I removed them from the device listing, it went through like it should. I was getting ready to throw it through the wall!

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08-27-2015, 12:58 PM
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