View Full Version : HTS7201 and HTS7202 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.52.00) has been released

Philips - Remko
09-14-2012, 12:27 PM
V1.52.00 is only released to HTS7201/12 and HTS7202/12

V1.52.00 includes the following changes:
Improved Audio Sync
Fixed system bugs

The former firmware version includes the following changes:

Fix auto standby issue (V1.47.10 MCU V27.01)
Fix issue with RWS5510 Wireless Rear Surround module (V1.47.10 MCU V27.01)
Improved system performance (V1.47.10)
Solved wireless speaker volume adjustment issue (V1.27 MCU V27 )
Improved playability (V1.27 MCU V27 )
Improved User Interface (V1.27)
Improved playability (V1.27)

Kindly download the software at: www.philips.com/support

09-26-2012, 06:51 PM
Hi, I'd need your help with recent upgrade. I did so (via net) and since then i've spotted some mulfunctionning: (1) there's a message "UPG MCU" shown on machine permanently (even after switching it off/on) and no other 'buttons' are anymore visible (not even power on/off red one...). (2) it's not anymore possible to increase/lower the volume via remote controller.

I tried to fix it with reinstalling recent upgrade but i get a message saying "no new formware available". When trying to do so via USB, after downloading 52MB zip file and unzipping on flash drive, system gives me a message "upgrade software failed verification..." however it's been downloaded from your official website!

I's appreciate to learn how can I either rollback previous version of firmwareor fix all the issues with current one. Thank you, feel free to reply to blsny@yahoo.com