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11-30-2010, 10:40 PM
This post is not directly to the 2.5 portal but about bad/wrong translations with Blu-ray player BDP8000/12 with firmware V1.48.

I have contacted my Philips support, but they ignore me.

Net TV
In my language (Finnish) the word "Videostore" is translated wrong.
It's translated as "Videotori" meaning "Video market square" in english (and I think that it should not mean that, right?).
The right translation/meaning would be "Videovuokraamo" for the place where you can rent videos.

Home Menu
The menu is messed up. A playground/sandbox for translator, or maybe some guy from the first grade made the translation, no wait, not even that smart guy would have made such a bad translation with bad mother tongue knowledge.

The menu has two icons with almost the same text with them "Selaa Net TV:tä" and "Selaa Net-TV:tä". :(
The first one should say "Selaa tietokonetta" and the second one "Selaa Net TV:tä.
The last text says "Asennus" and means "The install". -what are we installing here?, eh?
It should say "Laitteisto" as "Setup", like the televisions does.

Setup menu
There is "16:9 laajakulma" and that is wrong.
"laajakulma" in my language means "wide angle" and it's used only with cameras.
"wide screen" in finnish is translated as "laajakuva".

"Preference" has been translated as "Etusija".
It's really wrong because "etusija" means "primacy".
It should be translated as "Valinnat".

Also "Lisäasetukset" as "Additional settings" should say "Lisävalinnat" as "Advanced".

Can you please deliver this information to the ones that are in charge of the translations, thank you.

12-01-2010, 08:23 AM
Dear Xtreme,
Thank you for your excellent input with pictures on errors is in the Finnish Menu language on your Blu Ray player. It seems that the translation office performed a poor job. It is already handed over to our factory for correction.