View Full Version : How can I see remotely my laptop screen on Philips 40PFL5507H/12?

09-27-2012, 11:59 AM

I have purchased yesterday a Philips Smart TV 40PFL5507H/12 and have proceeded with its installation without problems. I have also downloaded and installed in my laptop the Simply Share Media Manager, hoping that it would permit me to achieve exactly what the Philips Wi-Fi mediaconnect tools were permitting to all users, i.e. to watch remotely the screen of my laptop on the TV screen. Unfortunately, this does not seem possible. I can indeed watch pictures and videos from my laptop directly and remotely on my TV screen, but I can not find a way to achieve what Philips Wi-Fi media connect was obtaining.

It seems very strange to me a Philips Y2012 TV to have less capabilities than previous models(!!)

Can you please help with the following questions?

1. Is Philips 40PFL5507H/12 compatible with Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect or not?
2. If not, is there an alternative application which would permit me to remotely project my laptotp's screen on the TV screen?

Thanks in advance for your help.