View Full Version : Using Twonky MediaManager with Smart TV 24PFL3507H/12

10-19-2012, 07:35 AM

I recently bought the Philips Smart TV 24PFL3507H/12 using Twonky MediaManager.

My question is, can I only watch YouTube movies or can I browse the internet as well
the same as I can do with internetradio using Philips WiFI radio NP2900.

Thank you for your reply to this.
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10-19-2012, 07:38 AM

browsing the Internet and Twonky MediaManager are two differnt things.

1) You TV does not have NetTV - so no app or open internet. Only Youtube Leanback is available with your model
2) Twonky MediaManager: if you have installed this software on your PC and you share your media on that PC you can access them from your TV.


10-19-2012, 07:48 AM
Hello Toengel,

Thank you for your quick response to my question.

I am disappointed to hear that my TV doesn't have NetTV. I didn't find in the description "YouTube" only.
I did assume that WiFi and internet acces meant the same as to my Philips WiFI radio NP2900 which works very well to my satisfaction. I can tune in to the internet as well to my PC.

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