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10-25-2012, 08:32 PM
I'm experiencing playback problems with my newly purchased Blu-ray player that I just can NOT fathom out.
I rented a copy of 'The Avengers' film and whilst watching, found that the picture and sound disappears at precise (exact same place) times and for exactly 20 seconds, on ten different occasions during the film. Assuming that I had a flawed copy, I went back to the shop and changed it. Then when viewing the new copy, the exact same thing happens... at the exact same times (to the second). Now, I can only think that it must be the player that is at fault. So, back to the shop and change the player.
Guess what.. still the same problems at exactly the same times in the film (now on two seperate discs and two seperate players).
Out of desperation, I tried the disc in a friends Blu-ray player and it works perfectly!
Is this Model seriously flawed and should be avoided at all cost, or am I missing something here?

10-26-2012, 05:54 AM
Well first be sure that you have latest firmware installed on your BDP.

Second did you try with other movies then this one and did you get any issues there. If other movies do not give problems then it might be more related to this one and therefor the EAN codes should be needed....

10-28-2012, 11:18 AM
I installed the lastest firmware that was available to me through the on-screen menu.

I rented 3 blu-ray films (the only ones I've had in the player since buying it). As I said, the first one 'The Avengers' was a disaster, the scond one 'Sherlock Holmes 2' had one issue and the third 'Prometheus' worked fine.
I cannot imagine the EAN codes (whatever they are?) are a problem, as the problem only arises for 20 second intervals. Wouldn't the wrong EAN codes prevent me watching all together?
Also, the film worked faultlessly on my friend's much cheaper Toshiba player.

We seem to be forgeting the point here, that when I buy an expensive Philips Blu-ray player, I expect it to work as soon as I connect it up and that I don't have to be some sort of technical genius to get it to play a movie.

It seems to me, as a complete layman here, that the player cannot handle certain movie sequences and loses completely contact with the disc and as a result, there's no signal to the tv. Why is it ALWAYS exactly 20 seconds of picture and sound loss? The screen blacks out and the HDMI channel logo sometimes appears (just as it would if you were changing channel), also the counter on the player keeps ticking away as it normally would, there's no pause or anything in the time there.

I've changed ALL the variables here, HDMI cable, HDMI channel, movie disc and even the player! The only thing I haven't changed is the TV and that is also a Philips.

10-28-2012, 11:36 AM

please check the support website for the latest firmware - not all updates are available via "on-screen update".

EAN code = barcode printed on the disc. With these bar codes Philips can test the disc on there side...


11-04-2012, 10:52 AM
This is still a mystery for me, why I can not watch (interruption-free) a brand new Blu-ray film on these players (remember, this is my second!)?
From the five films I have so far rented, only ONE has worked problem-free, without any picture & sound loss at all.

I am now starting to wonder now if it can be a sound related issue. From what I can see, everytime I get the '20-second picture and sound failure', it seems to ALWAYS happen when a loud explosion/sound is just about to happen in the film.
I noticed that all these films (which are all from 2011) have dts-HD Master Audio 5.1, can this be a problem for my TV to handle and result in a communication crash?
My TV is from 2009 and is also a Philips (40PFL7664H/12). There seems to be an endless amount of settings (picture and sound) on both the TV and the Blu-ray player, can there be a problem there in compatability?

I have also noticed, if I fast forward/rewind through the 'problem parts' of all the films (obviously there's NO sound when doing this), there is NO picture loss.
Also, I have not had any problems playing the DVD's that I have.

11-05-2012, 01:10 PM
Hi better let your device be checked by service as the behaviour looks very strange

11-05-2012, 03:36 PM
Is anyone actually fully reading what I'm writing here?
This is the second player that is behaving in EXACTLTY the same way, at EXACTLY the same points and on different copies of the SAME film!
If there is a problem with this player, then there is most likely a problem with EVERY player of this model.. or have I just had extremely bad luck?
Like I said in my previous post, can the problem not be with my TV's compatability instead? This would certainly make more sense of the issues I'm having.

11-06-2012, 06:48 AM
Well am trying to help... You tried everything except on a different Tv. So to rule out any other things you should test this