View Full Version : Philips MyRemote App (issue with epg over network).

10-31-2012, 11:30 AM
I must say I generally love the app.
One thing I would really fancy is the ability to view the week's schedule on my tablet while at the same time the tv is on and playing... whatever.
But it looks like "link with TV" process is not working. The instructions tell me to choose network as the source for epg, then display the epg on my tv and press the yellow key. Well, the yellow key just brings up the "Help" menu! No mobile link code!
Set: 52PFL9606
Region: Greece
Net TV works fine (internet access over wi-fi is also fine).

12-29-2012, 04:26 PM
I have the same problem trying to get a mobile link code to then view EPG on my tablet. When you go to EPG and press the yellow button it doesn't give a mobile link code.

01-11-2013, 10:21 AM
I received an automated email alert because of the above reply (I have "subscribed" to this thread)... the alert came a few seconds ago!!!! The reply was posted 13 days ago!!! When the automatically generated replies take THAT long to arrive at my inbox, I can see why no one else has replied here, at the "philips support forum"!

01-14-2013, 07:25 PM
I'm having a similar problem. I've followed all the instructions on the forums and in the app itself (v3.12) but I cannot get the EPG on the iPad to link to the TV.

I have the programme guide set to 'from network', I go to programme guide, press yellow and this opens up 'help'. Every time.

How do I get my tv to generate a mobile link code for the app?

Model 32PFL5007T/12. Thanks.