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11-02-2012, 01:22 PM
After searching in the forums, there seem to be a lot of people with DSE screen problems. Sadly, I seem to be one of them.
I've recently purchased a 42PFL 6series TV and I've had heaps of problems with it.
Below a list of all the problems. Be aware that I have these problems on all kinds of sources (laptop, tvtuner, DVDplayer, etc) and everything was tested thoroughly, hoping I'd be able to resolve the problems myself.

This is on of the problems that still presists, after many software updates.
I've got large vertical bands in my screen, the screen has a very bad uniformity.
The effect is very noticable when there are horizontal panning scenes on the TV.
Also when the TV has to display near flat colours (a large white wall or massive blue sky) the bands are there.

2)Pure motion HD
Seriously, who came up with this? Was this feature even tested before pushing it out on your TV's?
My model is advertised with 600Hz purest, smoothest motion on EARTH.
But still, with this option on, the TV starts to stutter to no end. Some frames seem more fluent, but very fast-paced scenes show pixellation and stuttery effects.

Even with this option OFF, I still notice some weird things - albeit a lot less than with this option ON.
For instance there is a certain show that I follow that shows a horizontal-rolling end-generic.
At the start of this horizontal rolling band the letters stutter a bit, and after a second or two changes to a fluid moving rolling motion.(I hope this is somewhat clear).

For a week or two, I had problems with artifacts on the tv that would require multiple re-boots of the TV to get rid of the effect.
A software update seems to have fixed this. But seriously Philips, how did you manage this?

4)Menu (lesser problem)
Why was this TV designed with menu graphics that the TV can't handle?
Going in and through menu's is a pain, everything goes quite slow.
You know, people apreciate responsiveness. The TV seems to struggle due to the transparent parts of the interface, which nobody cares about.
Make you menu's to the point, and make it so that the hardware of the TV can actually handle changing things.
It takes me up to 20 seconds to enter the "advanced setup" part to disable all of the gimmickey enhancement because let's be honest, that's what they are.

Now, for me the first DSE problem is the worst.
I would like this fixed, and I will not quit until I get a full properly working replacement that I can properly inspect beforehand or a refund.
The response & solutions suggested will determine if I or any of my family will ever buy Philips again.
There is simply no excuse as my brothers 40" samsung TV of a measly 350euro has better image quality, no banding problems, great backlight and a simple & fast menu.
I will persist in updating this post frequently and if necessairy will herass Philips on every channel possible until I am satisfied.
I am not difficult to satisfy - just give me what I paid for.

Kind regards,
looking forward to your replies

-Michel Van Weyenbergh

11-15-2012, 12:47 PM
Bump, please respond Philips.

11-30-2012, 05:02 PM
I had exactly the same problems described in here, im using the last FW version:


I've tryed 2 different HDMI cables:

1. Tikoo Cable 1.4a HDMI Cable with 3D and Ethernet Support 1M (MC385-1M)

Philips TV warning shows on screen telling to connect a cable with less then 5m that cable could be broken/defective, but that's not truth because i tested 3 exact same cables and all show the same message (in 10 tries i will get the message 5 or 6) when the message does not appear the image goes OK, when the message appear i can see right away white artifacts on the screen, i must power off TV and power it on again and pray to message don't show again.

This cable works perfectly on Samsung TV, so it's a proof of a problem with Philips TV and not with the cables.

2. Cable Profigold 1.4a HDMI Cable 2M

With this cable TV it does not show any warnings/artifacts anymore, but from time to time will get trash blinking on the half-upper screen, i need once again turn it off and on to fix it, some hours later (1-2) will happen again and again.

Once again this cable works just fine on Samsung TV.

This situation is making me think that i would be better served with a Samsung TV, it's not acceptable see this kind of problems on a "premium" TV that has a higher costs and should perform related with the money i've payed.

Is this TV "incompatible" with all kind of cables? Tv should work with any kind of cable, if others work Philips should work too.

I can be refunded because i only have it 4 days now, i will wait some more few days if not solved with a new FW version i will buy another TV.

I will wait some news, but since i don't see in here any kind of reply/support i don't believe that will happen. Great costumer support Philips :(