View Full Version : Philips server niet gevonden. Probeer het later nog eens.

Rob Singels
11-04-2012, 01:48 PM

On friday I received my glasfiber KPN Experia Box (modem/router) and my home network was installed by a KPN engineer.
All seemed to work just fine, but after wiring my brand new Philips Smart TV 37PFL6007K/12 (bought 3 weeks ago) to this newly installed Experia Box and trying to connect to the internet via the message "Philips server not found" appeared on the screen.
I first connected to my home network via Configuration/Connecting to network/Wired Connection and this works fine. On the TV I can see that the TV is connected to my home network. On the router I see the newly coupled DHCP client.

Then... when trying to connect to the Philips network via Smart TV the error message "Philips server not found" appears.

The I disabled the firewall in the modem/router but unfortunately did not give the desired effect. The way I disabled the firewall was first giving the Smart TV a static IP address and the putting this IP address to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).
I am completely lost... Has anyone some experience/knowledge to solve this problem!?

Thanks in advance!
Greeting, Rob.