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11-29-2012, 08:34 AM
Hi all,

today I finally bought USB with more that 32GB. I actually bought 2TB Western Digital hard drive. I was happy to finaly try this recording function. And then start dissapointment. First, I have to be connected to internet via router!? So, I have to buy expensive philips wireless adapter, or I have to use cables. That is completely stupid, becuase my tv is at the one part of the house, and router is at completely other side. I have 42PFL7606 tv and I am dissapointed. My previous tv was contected with cheap DVB-t which was more usable than this tv which I paid around USD1,200. I am really dissapointed in you Philips. First stuff with DTS. Ok, I said, it is not problem to convert video. Than bad motion processing. I can get over that as well. And now this. I even can't see my USB at My Computer after TV formated it. I can't belive. Now I am happy that I didn't buy new, expensive 7007 series. Really dissapointed in you, Philips. I was your fan, always reccomended your tv's to my friends and collegues, but now that's it. Thank you, Philips. I hope that you will finally put some REAL improvments to firmware, rather than stupid bug fixes that only cause new ones. I am sorry for the tone I am writing in, but I am really dissapointed. When i pay for something, I expect value. Value for money! That is what Philips really doesn't understand.

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11-29-2012, 08:52 AM
Why connected to internet via router!? You should make a choice for your TV guide and you can choose for your TV-provider.

11-29-2012, 09:04 AM

thank you for your help. Still, USB has to be formatted every time I want to record something? It is really stupid. And after it, I can't transfer files to my PC because I can't see disk in My Computer.

edit: still, i can't record, it requires internet connection