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12-05-2012, 05:08 PM
Dear all,

I have been trying to make my 42PFL4007H/12 as an extended monitor connected to my PC. However, I could not seem to find the option for the setup from my PC. The display appear the same as my PC, I could not make such setup to have separate displays at both my monitor and Television respectively.

Searching from the troubleshoot for Windows XP, it recommends to install a driver assuming the PC could detect my television then. I have installed the driver downloaded from Philips website, it seems like it is not working.

Till now I could not do such setup.. appreciate kind assistance..

12-05-2012, 05:23 PM

on Windows XP, press right click on desktop - at the end of this menu is something like "display setting" - then you have a menu to adjust the two montors. Of course, this will only work, if you have connected your TV via HDMI or VGA...


12-06-2012, 03:12 AM
Hi Toengel,

I have tried the said option, however, the graphic option does not recognize my television as 2nd display. It denotes "single monitor" and setting available only for single monitor.

Yes, I have connected my television using VGA cable. I have both the same display on my monitor and my television after the connection. I could not find option for adjusting the two monitors to make one primary and the other secondary etc..

12-06-2012, 07:16 AM
where connected displays?
maybe videocard doesnt support extend mode, only clone posible ..

i have another bad opinion with Intel motherbord(DG43RK) where presented DVI-H and HDMI outputs,
two digital at same time work, but until connected VGA then bouth digital outputs are lost :(
the only expection is when stop PC booting by press F2 then on all outputs picture is present(clone mode)

to able connect my 3 displays
Philips 220XW8F(DVI-D) - primary
Huyndai E-Life 18"(VGA) - secondary
Philips 42pfl9703h(HDMI) - secondary2
i had to bought AMD Radeon SAPPHIRE HD 7770 with which all displays works together in extended mode,
but Win7(XP too) has lost screensaver and monitors power save after install new videocard
option is posible but doesnt work

is there chances see in near future some Philips monitor with glare type IPS LED backlite display?
in case my current monitors are glare i will never choose matt coated(`Moth Eay` coated havent seen for monitor sizes 22-26"),
im not ready for that execution:

12-07-2012, 03:43 PM
Hi MartiniB,

Glad hearing your experience with same kind of problem. Yes, limitation on the videocard is one of the possible reason this happens (this was one of the suggestion during troubleshooting for this problem). I shall try to investigate further on my current videocard and whether it supports extended monitor function as I have done other troubleshooting options given. .

I'm not really fancy about these specs, however, you have given me useful suggest though.. Thank you very much for your reply.