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12-06-2012, 11:23 AM
I wish to make it aware before buying with phillips in regards to the disgusting way i have been treated by your customer service- I placed an order on the 30th november for a christmas present, to which i paid paypal, i got a confirmation email the same day, stating an order number and it will be dispatched within 3 days - i then waited until the 6th december for a dispatch date.
I am aware of the long distance selling policy, also i am aware of t sales of goods act, an item can be withheld until they are dispatched, as a contract is not agreed until dispatched the issue is you have debited my account, then sent an email stating you are refunding, why debit it in the first place if there is no stock?|
I have worked for electronic companies before so i would assume when an order is placed it either electronically gets placed meaning the system will allocate stock, or manually where a worker will,.

eventually i emailed to see where this item was, i have now checked my bank balance to see you have withdrew the funds, and also sent me an email to state you are refunding me back, as of yet 11:54 7th i have no money sent back and no coffee maker, now because i choose to buy with you, i may loose out on the price with amazon as i would need to await the fund to be in my bank again to purchase,

My main issue is as follows

1. Why has it taken 7 days
2. Why debit my account on the 7th day to then state i need a refund
3. Why did no one contact me within those 7 days

Be vary cautious when buying i knew i should have gone to amazon

12-08-2012, 06:40 PM
Still no refund what a joke!