View Full Version : HTS7140/12 problem with two new Matroska elements

12-15-2012, 11:40 PM
Hi everybody

HTS7140/12 Sounbar problem with the new Matroska elements in the cues with --engage no_cue_duration and --engage no_cue_relative_position.

There were two recent additions to the Matroska specs, CueDuration and CueRelativePosition. They're meant to make the life of demuxers easier by providing additional information about the exact location and duration of certain elements in their respective clusters via the index (the "cues" in Matroska terms).

The Matroska specs intention is for players to simply skip elements they don't know if they encounter any. Unfortunately not all players do that.

The symptoms of a player having problems with those two additions include not being able to seek at all in a file or only with very long wait times inbetween, especially with seeks to far-away positions; problems with fast-forwarding or rewinding; or even the player not playing the file in the first place.

When my HTS7140/12 Soundbar plays a MKV file with those two recent additions it has problems with fast-forwarding and rewinding. It already has instaled the last firmware version 56.

Please could you add in furture firmware the ability to correct this problem?

Thank you very much.