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12-19-2012, 08:01 PM
I have a wacs700 and an iMAC is it possible for iTunes and the wacs to recognise each other with using bootcamp or crossover

12-20-2012, 12:35 AM
Hi !

What exactly are you trying to achieve ?
Upload songs from iTunes to your WAC700 or stream songs from your iTunes library to your WAS700 (the WAC700 can't stream form a UPnP server) ?

Cheers !

12-20-2012, 09:43 AM
hi Tias,
Checked what system i have and it's wac/was7000 i did have a windows pc with wachandler on and it worked great now i have a mac and just wondered how i can utilise itunes and the system.

12-20-2012, 11:55 AM
Hi again !

Well, there is absolutely no connection between your WACS7000 and iTunes. Actually iTunes has a nasty habit of adding non-standard Mp3-tags into MP3 files that then become unsupported by the WACS system (which strictly follows the MP3 standard).
Some people have managed to make WACHandler work in Mac OSX, have a look here (http://www.lucia-mathias.com/wacs/Other%20OS.html) for more info .

cheers !

05-31-2015, 01:47 AM
Hi, could you please explain to me how I can export music from the hard disk to my iMac / iTunes ?
Many thanks !