View Full Version : My Streamium 1100 Just Died

12-22-2012, 01:11 PM
I dropped it and now it will no longer connect wireless to my home network...sigh
And what is worst is that it appears that this technology has been completely abandoned. No one makes these devices anymore? I have been dragging this thing from point to point where I have audio devices for years. I do it solely to access my music stored on my PC and have been perfectly happy. Does anyone else still make similar devices other than the absurdly overpriced squeezebox?

12-23-2012, 02:15 AM
To continue ...
OK. so the wireless capability of the Streamium is gone but when I connect it up to my router with an ethernet cable all the functions work well. So I have this idea and try hooking it up to an old laptop hoping to use the laptops wireless to give my streamium it's old portability.
I use the sharing function in Windows to get internet radio, no problem. But I can't figure out how to make the streamium see the UpnP server running on by base PC. It just keep coming up with "no server is available". Bridging the connection doesn't work either. Am I missing something?
I know I should just toss the thing but there's something to be learned from this even though I can't figure out what it is :)
Has anyone else ventured down this road before?