View Full Version : My TV (47PFL6007T/12) wonīt work anymore

12-23-2012, 08:30 AM
I posted this question yesterday but somehow it disapearred. My question concerns my 4 week old TV. I donīt really care about the technical part so I had a guy from the store installing my TV. It worked perfectly fine for 2 weeks. Then I went on a 2 weeks vacation und switched everything off. Yesterday when I came back, I wanted to watch TV again. And switched evereything on, I thought. Nothing happens!!! The TV wonīt start. After a minute or so, a red lamp starts blinking at the lower part. It blinks twice rather quickly, goes "silent", blinks twice again etc. And thatīs all. And after this the TV doesnīt react neither when I try to use the remote, nor push the buttons on the back of the TV. Iīve gone bananas by now, having tried to restart the TV, having pushed every button there is... Nothing happens. All I see is that annoying blinking red lamp. I do look forward to a nice Christmas and New Year without TV.... :mad: