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Eric J
12-25-2012, 01:37 AM

I have a few problems with my TV set.
First it is strange that I bought it for a H/12 (on the bill) and now that I look behind it says K/12?
I think even the box said H/12, I will have a look later when I am in my storage.
Can anyone tell the difference?
Maybe I should go back to the store with it, since I saw the H/12 displayed?

I updated it several times, even with a USB stick send by Philips once(good service btw) and have now version 93 running.
My TV didn`t find the new update while on 92? But on the site I could find it.
Strange that it is on the web but that my TV doesn`t find it there?

It is very difficult to sort channels.
First I have to make all the channels favorite even to be able to sort them,without making them favorite I don`t get the option to sort them. It took a while before I figured this out since it is nowhere mentioned in the manual.
Since this goes one by one, it takes an annoying long time.
Then I can only switch channels, not put them in between. I. e. I can change channnel 40 for 5, where 40 becomes 5 and 5 becomes 40, but not put 40 before 5 while the rest moves up. So I have to change every channel from a pre written list in order to not make a mistake in my list
So to make a favorite list it takes ages because you have to move them one by one, better starting from the last, since the changed not wanted channel ends there.
Then when you by accident de-favorite a channel it will disappear from the list, only to be found in the all channel list where it will be put last. Once favorited again it will appear in your favorite list as the last one and to get it back on, for example 5, you have to switch all channels one by one to get it on the 5th position. Which will take you forever again......

Then every time I start up the TV it starts at all channels, so I have to call the channel list, call options, call select listsand select favorites.....
When I switch off and than on again I have to do that all over again, time after time.

Both should be fixed in an update since it is getting very annoying.

The remote hangs every now and then, not reacting at any button, not even on/off.
I have to go to the home screen, select TV, where it was at, press TV and then the remote works again.
Sometimes I have to pull the powercable before the remote reacts again, after a cold startup. This will make you miss a few minutes of a show. Annoying.
The rubber square on my remote gets loose on the left side, not even half a year old. (probably warranty and not the proper place here, but I thought I should mention this here too)

The back button works only in the source it is in, I can`t switch back to any other source when that was last, for example between PC and TV.

This should be fixed as well in a new update.

In all sources my display goes black for about 2 seconds, on various times after start up.
To me it looks like the TV searches for a source, but I am not sure what the reason is.
Watching something or working in PC mode it looks like the tv turns off, since the screen goes totally black.

Editing text;
The on screen keyboard can be better.
It would be nice to be able to move to the left and enter on the right side, it will speed up texting in stead of moving all the way back over the whole screen to get to a letter on the other side.
It will be handy as well to be able to use all blancs in the keyboard (ie between letters and numbers) as a space, now the space is situated on the bottom.
I think this can be easily changed in a new update.

Switching channels and overall speed;

Switching several channels (6>) fast make the tv think too long, sometimes it takes a second of ten, or more, before the channel appears.
By that time I start wondering if the software freezes and start trying other options, what will make it even react slower.
The response time should be worked on IMO.

The PTA 507 is made of such a rigid plastic that both ears of my pair are broken at the point of the metal pin.
So or the choice of plastic is wrong, or the hinge is a faulty design.
Either way IMO they are too expensive to break so easily and quickly.
So I`m stuck with a pair that is glued and can`t be folded anymore.

Overall I`m not too unhappy with the set but I think Philips has to tweak the software a bit better.

Eric J
12-25-2012, 02:00 AM
Why do I get logged out every time???
Can`t edit my tekst, can`t post quick reply`s????
This site needs some work too I guess....

12-25-2012, 11:00 AM
Can anyone tell the difference?
The different between H/12 and K/12 is the SAT tuner...H = no SAT / K = SAT

Strange that it is on the web but that my TV doesn`t find it there?
different databases...not every software on the website is available over the tv-update at same time
Current SW version on web:

Eric J
12-25-2012, 10:07 PM
Thanks for the reply.
In the dutch Philips-site I can`t find that 96 firmware-version, it says 93..

So I understand the K type is the "better"one?

I can`t even find my type 40PFL5507K/12???? There is a 5507H and a 5527K and a 5537K???
The firmware version is 93.
I wonder even if this is a late model now.( it is, found that out elsewhere)
Can you give me a link to that 96 version? Maybe it solves some of my problems.

And I still get problems replying; no permission, have to log in (while logged in) refresh page(and get logged out)

I found the software by looking without the /12.
This type is not sold in Holland, therefore the dutch site doesn`t recognise it.
However, I could download a dutch 96 version
Thanks for the help. :-)

(Maybe Philips should get those databases together, having to search several databases makes no sense and simplicity)

12-26-2012, 08:53 AM
Here is a link to firmware 96 for k-model:

yes the k-model is "better", because it has a sat tuner

Eric J
12-26-2012, 01:55 PM
Thanks , I found the software already (in 34 languages) as mentioned.

You`ll find it here;

However it doesn`t fix the problems I mentioned in the first post.
It still starts with an unsorted "all channels" list and doesn`t remember that I put/shut down it on "favorites"list.
And text editing is still the same. You still can`t leave a side and enter on the other side and the blancs are still useless while only the large bottom one gives a space in text.

Eric J
12-26-2012, 02:02 PM
I will end my replies here.
This site is too much hassle to work with. being logged out, refresh page and being logged out again etc.
Now my post isn`t visible until a mod reviewed it???? So I can`t even see and edit it???

Sorry Philips, there is still a lot to be learned.

12-26-2012, 03:24 PM

some posts are automatically be set to "moderated" by the spam functionality of the forum. This happens sometimes...


Eric J
12-26-2012, 11:45 PM
Hi Toengel,
Thanks for the explanation.

However a site where I have to fill out a profile, make a secure Philips account, and that doesn`t show replies (it is still not shown), so what is sort of only useable during office hours, doesn`t work for me.
Besides all the fuzz around being logged out for whatever reason and having to log in several times.
I don`t like to be remembered and like to log in when I want. The site seems to work better if you let Philips remember you and log in on arrival.
So I guess I better call the helpdesk.(Philpses works fine in the Netherlands)

That Philips sees links to their own site as possible spam and blockes it therefore, I can`t comprehend.
Neither that a computer can`t crosscheck links and that a person has to do that.
They can even "hold" the link so there is only tekst untill things are verified.
I mean there are rules you have to agree on, if violated you can warn people or even block their IP.

Thanks for the help guys.
Pity it didn`t solve anything.
Happy Newyear!

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