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12-28-2012, 09:41 AM
I have a problem with CEC
I currently own the 55PFL8007/h (TV) and the HTS9221/12 (HCS) and a UPC Horizon combination.
There seems to be a strange but serious problem on the HDMI channels of these systems.
It have cost me days now, but what I found out is the following:

When the TV and HCS are connected with a highspeed HDMI cable on the HDMI/ARC ports only, everything seems to work fine with Easylink (all HDMI features turned on etc.). So when the HCS is started first the TV comes up and the audio is routed to the HCS and in the home-window of the TV all the apparatus from the HCS are found and installed (e.g. HTS-Ipod, HTS-USB etc.)
It is even possible to open the HTS-config on the TV home screen with the TV remote. Later when i put de sound too internal on the TV and afterthat too external again there is no sound and a error is displayed. So I think the order off comming up off the devices is very important.

When i put everything down and let the TV come up first there is only the internal sound and a error with the external sound, the HCS is unreachable and sound can only be heard from the internal speakers

Even better, only connecting a single HDMI cable (without any device attached) to the HDMI port on the HCS will brake things completly.
This means that the TV can not find the HCS anymore. The icons on the TV home screen disapear and the sound cannot be routed to the HCS but are ported to the TV speakers.
When I connected this cable to the TV with a AC-Ryan connected (but still turned of) and started up the TV the previous installed icons for the HCS (with text as HTS-USB etc.) were sometimes removed, but a single time they were shown with scambled/unreable text.
Disconnecting everything and restarting results in a working system.
Bottom line, This TV and HCS can only work together when no other devices are attached!!!
And how can I watch TV with my UPC mediabox when I can not connect it?????

The callnr by Philips I have made is 5011 8364 1499

Philips - Katerina
08-26-2015, 01:39 PM
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