View Full Version : PFL5405/3605 not shielded?

01-25-2011, 08:38 PM
Hi all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93bgzTCWjdA
What do you think about this situation? Whether it is harmful to health? Whether is it the fact of the raised electromagnetic radiation?

01-26-2011, 06:45 PM

WLAN, cell-phone, Laptop, flatscreen at a PC, terestric TV and radio, ... - so I'am not worried about my TV. I will suggest not to put your head where the lamp is seen in the video since the energy of the em radiation decreases quadratic with the distance to the source. Despite of this such kinds of lamps do not need much energy to emit a little bit light.


02-15-2011, 06:24 PM
bta maybe you are right, but gaugings on frequency of 0.13 MHz, intensity of electric field V/m are made

Distance of 0.1 meters:
From the screen - 20,57
To the left of the screen - 307
To the right of the screen - 378
From the back party - 70

Distance of 1 meter:
From the screen - 10,16
To the left of the screen - 25,86
To the right of the screen - 16,26
From the back party - 34,12

Philips, what you say about this :( ?