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01-27-2011, 11:31 AM
Check this post (http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?724-Connecting-to-Net-TV-(-quot-Philips-server-not-found-quot-message)&highlight=moderator) for tips.

12-03-2011, 11:45 AM
One potential cause of this that I experienced is that your ISP may be blocking access.

I have a Series 9000 tv and it used to work fine with NetTv and Updating Firmaware - until one day it didn't! After a lot of trials and reading this site, the TV dealer took the TV back to his shop and tried it there and it worked.

On return of the TV to my house I still could not connect to Net TV. Now I have 2 internet connections from my home (due to work) so I connected the TV to the other - it worked immediately.

I then changed my main ISP and the Net TV started to work again.

I hope this will help in solving someone else's problems.

12-03-2011, 11:57 AM
Do you mean that there are Internet Service Providers that do not support Net TV?
I find that hard to believe. What internet service providers did you use?
For the TV it is simple, it needs to be able to contact the Net TV portal directly.
So it is not allowed to have anything in between.
When you work via a proxy server, than normally you connect to a website where you have to log-in or need to click on a button to pass. The TV canít do that.

12-03-2011, 12:19 PM

I have used several ISPs in my time. ISPs are known to block access to certain service providers if the traffic volumes from it are excessive.

Now my main use of NetTV has been TuneIn radio - I cannot imagine that being excessive use. I also have a radio connected to the internet and that never gets blocked so I can only imagine that the ISP in question has done something about its users accessing the NetTV server.

Which ISP - well that is not straight forward. I have two.

For my main broadband connection I used a company called Chess Telecom as my ISP - however their internet service was provied by a white label managed service ISP in the UK called Griffin. But their customers are smaller providers who wish to offer a wide range of telephony services without building their own infrastructure. It was with this company that I got the service blocked.

My second ISP is Demon, and after discovering that Chess/Griffin were blocking me I tried to connect via Demon - this worked - thus confirming that the blocking was ISP specific. As I had already decided on a change of ISP from Chess for other reasons I did not follow up the blocking reason. My new main ISP provides no problem.

06-28-2012, 06:18 AM
Thanks for the link. It looks like all of my questions are answered on that page. http://imagicon.info/cat/12-19/vbbiggrin.png

05-23-2013, 04:56 PM
Dear Philips!
Regards from Dubrovnik Croatia! I bought 2,5 years ago 37PFL7605H/12 smart tv, and I have to say it is a big disapointment :(... Because of the screen it was 2 time at the service during the warranty period. When second time came from service NETtv never worked again (philips server not found. please try later). I tried everything! I read tips on your forums but nothing. Routher is ok becouse with other devices i am on the net, no firewall on it. I manualy upgrade to a version:, Zip file, 70.88 MB, Date published: 2012-03-22. Nothing... I deleted cookies from Nettv. Nothing...
When I connect tv with routher (wire) it says that it's connected. But NETtv nothing...
Physical Address: 18:8e:d5:35:73:cd
IP Address Assignment: DHCP
IP Address:
Always use the same IP address: No
DHCP Lease Time: 0 days, 23:36:35
Please help!

05-31-2013, 10:37 PM
Same problem as the posted above from shankmaniac .I did the same things what he did but "Philips server not found". I can not believe it. I have two TV from Philips but I dont thinks so I will have other one. If you are professionals from Philips company somebody have to answer on all these calls.Srgjan Macedonia.

06-28-2013, 11:41 AM
Hi guys. I understand you , because same problem to me. Every week "Philips server not found. Please try again later" And I just can not understand one thing, how is possible such type of errors and Lags when you pay a lot of money for 8 class SMART TV. Mine is 40PFL 8007K/12. And a lot of problems with software of my tv all the time!!!! :(((((( When I was choosing tv I wanted to buy Samsung ES8000, now I hate my, that I was buying this one! My friend have it and no same or other problems at all. It is very sad, and I wish to Philips team, to make better SOFTWARE for Smart TV's, and then maybe it will be best tv in the market! Because now you can proud about you video quality and Ambiligth system only, it is two things why it is not worst tv...

12-31-2013, 04:09 PM
My smart tv is not working saying philip serve cannot be found please hat do i need to do cos it use to work until two days ago i reside in belgium

12-31-2013, 05:14 PM

goto www.philips.com/support - search for your TV, download latest firmware.


02-14-2014, 06:49 AM
I have updated my tv, 37pfl9604, to the last firmaware and i still getting the error "philips server cannot be found".
Please help me

02-18-2014, 03:05 AM
Hi philips.I am from İstanbul and my tv series 7008k but ı am not dowload in goole store play on my tv.why.sorry for my language because ı can speak little .
ı am opening google store play on tv but not dowload anyone.

02-18-2014, 07:52 AM

you can't use Google Play on your TV - it's not an Android TV! You can only use the App, which are linked in the App Gallery.


Philips - Thomas
02-18-2014, 08:01 AM
Hi Prettywoman,

like toengel wrote. Google Play can only be used on android devices, the tv is noe one of them.


02-23-2014, 07:53 AM
Same problem here since two and a half years, with my 40PFL9705H/12 ...
In fact, my TV doesn't accept the firmware downgrade to and I'm not able to access the NET TV ...
Is it possible to get via 'push' a solution, the downgrade or something ... I don't know ...
Thank you for your help!
Adresse MAC Ethernet: 5C:33:8E:88:6B:9E

02-23-2014, 11:18 AM

try the following:
- format USB stick with FAT
- create folder "UPGRADES"
- copy the "autorun.upg" into that folder - rename the file to "test.upg"
- start TV, wait some minutes
- plugin USB stick
- go into TV configuration -> software update
- choose "Local Updates" from USB


02-23-2014, 05:56 PM
Hi Toengel,
Thank's for your reply ... I've done, step by step, procedure you recomand it, unfortunately my TV don't 'see' the 'test.upg' file from the USB stick. Same 'message' in the 'Local updates': 'Empty - No software found'
Could be the reason that my TV was built after the .'034' firmware release date???
I don't know, but after two and a half years of malfunction ... I feel very disappointed ...

Philips - Thomas
02-24-2014, 01:21 PM

please get in contact with your local support

The Guys at the helpdesk can check what we can offer you.


03-26-2014, 01:16 PM
Hi All, I'm reporting here my recent experience that could be maybe helpful to somebody else :
I possess 2 Philips TVs, a 32PFL5507 and a 42PDL6907, both wired connected to the same router, same modem, same ISP etc. both with latest firmware (although different one from the other).
They both worked fine with NetTV since the beginning but suddenly the 32PFL stopped to connect saying that" Philips Server is not available, try later".
This was obviously a wrong message as the second TV kept connecting.
I spent 2/3 weeks chatting with Philips support and they couldn't give me any clue apart from usual suggestions like re-install, clean cache, check firewall, try here, try there.
Finally, one of these guys told me the problem should have been escalated to a "second level" technician as possibly there was a problem with some sort of software license and also with Philips server as they are updating it in view of future Android based TVs (:confused:).
Then at the end yesterday I could get rid of the problem : I re-flashed the firmware (Q554- although TV was saying to be exactly the actual running version.
After flashing it, I tried again the connection to Smart TV and it asked me to register the product on Philips Club.
When being this done, the TV could successfully connect to Net TV.
Hoping this could help someone in the same sh*t....

Philips - Thomas
03-26-2014, 01:33 PM

I re-flashed the firmware (Q554- although TV was saying to be exactly the actual running version

This is absolutely what will solve this kind of Error Message on that specific Device.

Cyn you tell me in which Country you live?


03-26-2014, 04:19 PM
Hi Thomas, I live in Italy nearby Milan

Philips - Thomas
03-27-2014, 07:07 AM

Thanks a lot.