View Full Version : All recording are messed up after deleting of older recordings

12-30-2012, 06:40 PM

Please advise me what to do I have been using the USB recording facility on my 42PFL7656/12 since spring 2012 with a 233 GB hard drive from LaCie equipped with a Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 HDT722525DLAT80. All has been working fine, but here in December I wanted to free up some space by deleting some of the old recordings. According to the file list this also went well, but after this my recording seem to be having their own life. Resulting in recordings which fails and are marked so, recordings which either don't start at set time, or recordings which stopped spontaneous at a random time leaving the remaining of the recording as an unknown recording which can't be shown.
TV is connected to Internet and has been updated regularly i.e. It’s running latest SW.
First taught was ok I'll just format another drive, but as far as I can gather if I do so then I'll lose all the old recordings. Then I have been going through the drive with EXT3 capable readers in hope that I might could repair the drive/structure, but lacking the guts to go all the way jeopardizing the old recordings.
So does anyone have any suggestions to recover or how to proceed??

Br s-lund