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12-30-2012, 08:55 PM
Hello all,

I use a BDP 9600 and would like to buy a 9700 for the reason that the latter player is capable of playing SA CD's.
I am wondering whether anyone, and hopefully the Philips support group, can tell me how I can convert the DSD stream on the HDMI output of the 9700 into an analog stereo signal which I would like to feed through my high end stereo equipment into Electrostatic "loudspeakers", ESL63. I do not want to use an AV receiver. I would also like to know which TI DAC's are used in the 9600 and the 9700. After investigating specs I think the TI PCM 1796 or PCM 1792A is used, please let me know which of the two or otherwise.
My experience with the 9600 is really very very positive with respect to picture and stereo sound quality.
Improvement is required with respect to the start-up time of the 9600. It realy takes a long time to become available to the user after power on.

Many thanks DSD SACD MARI

01-18-2013, 01:33 PM
In 9600 there are actually 2 types of DAC, PCM1789 for stereo output and PCM1754 for others, 9700 had PCM1795 DACs (only I not know is this for stereo or for all outputs).
By user manual in 9700 is DSD stream possible from HDMI: "For a DSD compliant receiver through HDMI OUT (AV RECEIVER) connection, select [Bitstream] under [HDMI (AVR) audio] to enable DSD audio output."
Also DSD can be sent to analog output; "For best audio quality through analog audio connection, select [Off] under [HDMI (MAIN) audio] and select [Bitstream] under [Digital Audio] to enable DSD audio output." As DAC 9700 can read DSD directly is possible that DSD is converted directly to analog and not converted before to PCM, but you never know Philips

01-20-2013, 11:12 AM
Find information with image that 9700 had 3 x PCM1795 and 2 x PCM1789 DACs. PCM1789 are for stereo and rear sorround output.