View Full Version : USB HD Recording on the fly - see next day

12-30-2012, 10:40 PM
Hello everyone,
I purchased this month a Philips 46PFL5507H in order to replace my 12 year old TV.
The key feature I based my choice on was PVR (and affordable price) as I have a small space for an external recorder.

I purchased also a dedicated WD 500Gb hard disk that I successfully connected with the TV.

Now, my main need is to record on the fly, typical scenario is my daughter wants to finish looking at a movie but it's quite late and I promise to record the remaining part (I was doing that with my previous DVB-T decoder).
There are also other cases where for different reasons (I am tired, kids, ...) I want to record partially a broadcast till it ends.

In the majority of my attempts the recording failed to start hanging for some response for a long time (I am located in northern Italy not far from Milan), there were also a couple of cases where I wanted to record the whole broadcast but I believe it failed to get the details from internet just hanging on a blank screen (on the main public channel - RAI1 - the event was then available on youtube afterward)

Can you kindly advise if there is any way to have my TV PVR working on the fly for view on another day?
My current software version is Q554M-