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12-31-2012, 03:36 PM
Have the following set-up.
55PFL 7606T/12 TV and HTS7201/12 home cinema.
There is a bug in either the TV or in the home cinema unit or they do not match each other.

To get correct 3D depth when watching a 3D Blueray movie we have to turn the glasses upside down to get the right image on the right eye. If wearing the glasses as intended the background comes in front of the foreground action.
Note, this is not a joke.
When wearing the glasses upside down, any subtitles become out of focus.

Did today download and install latest software for both units and did a reset to facory settings.
No change at all.
What can we do exept looking like idiots??


12-31-2012, 05:07 PM

I am not sure, that this helps, as I have different TV... But when you press 3D button on remote control of my TV, there is option (sorry for translation from Czech - not all options mentioned):

3D Side by Side
3D Side bySide reversed

There are movies, where you have to select the option (for instance SBS) and in this case you can select the location of picture for each eye. I have tried, whether this works in case of automatic 3D - unfortunately not.

Please try, whether SBS reversed option would help you.....

Good luck - I am struggling with audio for 3D....

Philips CZ