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  1. Sticky: Philips listen to your customers

    Yep, completely agree.
    This will be the moment to reply on all the posts.
    Long time no hear, long time no upgrade.
    If a new FW is upcoming please let us know, even if it takes a while.
  2. Sticky: Source HDMI

    I noticed that with latest FW the following happens:
    If I power up the Humax 5050C before powering up the tv, there is no image an my HDMI source.
    The other way around, it works fine.
    I did not...
  3. That's clear, its not only netflix which isn't...

    That's clear, its not only netflix which isn't working.
    No smart tv connection at all.
    Indeed I have to clear the memory every time the connection problem appears!!!
    It doesn't fix anything, but...
  4. netflix

    It seems that clearing the internet memory indeed will have the effect that smart tv and netflix is working afterwards.
    So this might be a good start to fix this for the Philips team????
    There is...
  5. netflix/ reconnecting ethernet

    Additional remark:

    What I noticed was that most of the time that Smart tv was not working (network problem), it occurred after having selected an other source than analog tv before switching to...
  6. clearing memory

    Clearing memory did not help, did that already a few times.
    I have to say that I only use smart tv for Netflix.

    The issue can be related to a sync failure between the tv and the internet...
  7. netflix/ reconnecting ethernet

    This is exactly what happens to me as well.
    Also no pathern detected, yesterday it worked perfectly, day before I almost killed the tv!!!
  8. netflix

    The issue with the netflix app is exactly what happens here with my 55PFL8008, so you are not the only one.
    Random restarts i did not have (yet).
  9. Don't get me wrong: It was MY conclusion for ME...

    Don't get me wrong:
    It was MY conclusion for ME not to use PNM anymore.
    Of course it should work nice, then I would consider using it again.

    Dynamic backlight fix is more important to me, but...
  10. I have to agree that PNM is not perfect on...

    I have to agree that PNM is not perfect on 55pfl8008.
    On my previous set 47pfl6067 it was not perfect either, so the conclusion was: not to use it.
    My major concern is the dynamic backlight, since...
  11. Replies

    I am wondering why rolling back to old FW will...

    I am wondering why rolling back to old FW will damage tv and harm warranty.
    Normally the whole flash will be overwritten, the not used locations will be filled with FFFF or 0000.
    So only if there...
  12. Natural motion unwanted enabled after reboot tv

    Also first time poster, experiencing same problem as mentioned below on 150.087, previous version didn't have that problem.
    I am not using the crappy natural motion features, but every reboot of tv...
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