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    47PFL5008 Problem

    Hey guy's

    I want to share my problem with my philips 47pfl5008 tv with you be make any solution to resolve them

    It's so slow on turning on ! some time TV go to hang and I have to power...
  2. at last I found my solution . It,s about encoding...

    at last I found my solution . It,s about encoding . my subtitle have arabic encoding and when convert to UTF-8 it show wrong letters . but I use a tools and it,s work charm ....
  3. really ?!!!!!

    really ?!!!!!
  4. Persian Arabic Subtitle Problem in 46PFL5008D/56

    Hi . I bought a 46PFL5008D/56
    I Update my Tv to latest firmware (Version:, Zip file, 141.57 MB, Date published: 2014-05-30) .
    and set my subtitle encoding to UTF-8 .
    Problem is...
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