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    Hello JuAn, As it happens not on a regulary...

    Hello JuAn,

    As it happens not on a regulary base it is hard to test it with another HDD.
    Software is updated and without the HDD connected it is ok.

    I keep the solutions in mind and will come...
  2. Ok, thnx!

    Ok, thnx!
  3. Recording TV programs with Playstation 3 500GB connected

    When I connect a Playstation 3 with a 500 GB HDD inside to my 42PFL6678K/12, will it be possible to record tv programs on the Playstation?
    Now I use a USB HDD.
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    External HDD makes TV turns off

    Sometimes my tv (42PFL6678K/12) turns off without reason.
    It may happen when the external HDD (USB power) turns off during watching television.

    How comes? And what to do?
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