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  1. 37PFL6007H/12 : message "video format not supported"


    I have a DVD/HDD recorder, type LG RHT498H, connected to this TV through HDMI.
    If I switch on the recorder before selecting the source on the 37PFL6007 (updated to firmware 150.048.013),...
  2. Thanks Mark; i understood from another site that...

    Thanks Mark; i understood from another site that there should be a major release in september.
    By the way, i am really happy with this TV set, the remote control is far more ergonomic compared to...
  3. Application : TuneIn radio not found on NetTv server

    A few days ago i got a 37PFL6007, updated to v132.005.003 firmware ; impossible to find the appli "TuneIn" radio while searching among Net TV apps. I have for one year a 32PFL8605 where...
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