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  1. Owallen, As i stated, i did nothing my end other...

    As i stated, i did nothing my end other than report the issue to Phillips.
    Therefore as i say, i can only assume that the problem was server side with Phillips.

  2. Now have a resolution. I am the first to...

    Now have a resolution.
    I am the first to complain if a purchased product does not live up to what is claimed and reliably ..... i am also the first to give thanks when a problem is rectified.
    I can...
  3. Further Tests

    ok well never managed to get my friends unit tried again on my internet connection. Tried a 3rd connection, my friends (straight out of box) connected immediately with no hesitation, mine ... no...
  4. Requested Details

    Hi Remko,
    I have pm'd you with the requested info.

  5. The Plot Thickens ...

    This issue is really driving me crazy and sad to say level of tech. support very poor.
    I have restored many times & rebooted, also rebooted router many times. Everytime the unit logs (hard wired...
  6. Online s/w Update and now no internet connectivity ?

    One week old and was working fine until today when i did an online software upgrade, nothing else has changed but it will not connect to internet (internet radio, internet updates etc.) anymore. Had...
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