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    Sftware availability

    The software you mention can only be found and downloaded through a PC. It is not brought forward when selecting "Update via Internet". Do you know why? I will give it a try anyway.
  2. HDD disapearing from setup

    On my 37PFL9606 SW level I have 2 components attached:

    Through HDMI a Philips Harddisk recorder HDR3800
    Through EXT1 via Scart a Home Cinema system Philips LX8000SA

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    Some problems with 37PFL9606

    I have a 37PFL9606 at SW level and have a couple of problems:

    Since a couple of day it spontaneously switches to standby. Sleeptimer is set to "0".
    Sometimes when switching to a...
  4. I followed 12345Caravan's advice and gues what...

    I followed 12345Caravan's advice and gues what the EPG is working again and I am also able to record and playback HD programs throigh the EPG.
    I have to say that Philips is not running away for...
  5. EPG Network or broadcaster choice not functioning

    I own a 37PFL9606H/12 since a couple of weeks.
    Software is updated to Q5551-
    By the way I am a Ziggo customer in the Netherlands.

    Installed a USB-HDD to be able to record HD programs...
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