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  1. The same for me. My tv always reboots after...

    The same for me. My tv always reboots after having used Net-tv (or Smart TV, I've got a 37PFL7606), specifically when I finished watching video ("Uitzending Gemist", "RTL XL", "NOS Journaal" ect.)...
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    Sticky: No recommendations for Video on Demand

    Hi all,

    In the new Smart TV interface recommendations are shows in the top right container. I've got recommendations for TV programms, but no recommendations for video-on-demand. Am I missing...
  3. Hi Toengel, I think it is your BDP indeed....

    Hi Toengel,

    I think it is your BDP indeed. I've tested it with my BDP7600 and my TV passes through Dolby Digital just fine. For the record: I'm using a 37PFL7606, so both hardware appliences are...
  4. My software

    Hi Pacman,

    I'm using firmware version 1.09 on my BDP7600 (the original, I think. At least I don't know if there is an other firmware version yet). My TV is a Philips 37PFL7606, running the latest...
  5. When paused, streamed movie starts at the beginning (BDP7600)

    When I play a movie from my NAS, pause it for a while and start it again, the movie plays for about 10 seconds and then returns to the 'Open PC screen' with the just played movie selected. I have to...
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    Subtitles in 3D MKV with 3DSubtitle

    Subtitles in 3D MKV is a bit of a hassle. When using regular subtitles in a 3D movie (i.e. SRT in a Half SBS) they're only shown on the left screen (or sometimes not at all). While wachting the movie...
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