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  1. Answer and a solution, maybe


    nothing definitive from Philips apart from get a better cable, so I called their bluff and bought a Philips cable.

    Just finished watching a BlueRay, no problems.

    Would have been so much...
  2. Hi my experiences are here and may be...


    my experiences are here and may be applicable
  3. Tempting fate

    Well I watched 45 mins of my dvd, no problems.

    Still got an open mind on this problem, but hopefully the cable fixed it.

    Once I have finished this dvd will try a blueray.
  4. A message to Philips Marketing and Sales


    While this is good advice, in my case it now looks like the expensive cable I originally purchased is not good enough,
    as it is now causing a problem between the satellite receiver and the...
  5. When did you buy it?, also you have rights under...

    When did you buy it?, also you have rights under the EU Directive for consumers and the UK Sale of Goods act,
    even after the warranty expires, provided you can prove its not fit for purpose.
  6. Cable

    Thats not possible, however I have great faith in my all Philips solution.

    Noticed today that there is a better cable for 3D , with visible screening, however, mine is specced to
    do everything...
  7. Hi see the thread title for the models I am...


    see the thread title for the models I am using.

    re connecting to another tv, no, the Philips is my first and only hd tv, and the Philips player, my first hd bluray player.

    The tv works ok...
  8. Still working on the problem.

    I contacted Philips support, who suggested I get a better cable.

    Well I have purchased a Philips gold plated cable, SWV44325/10 which I will test over the next week or so,
    time permitting. ...
  9. Black Screen update after a chat

    Having been on the chat line this morning and related the issue, Philips suggest it is the cable.

    This I find a bit strange, considering other HDMI sources are working ok.:confused:

  10. Please can you inform me as to what they can do...

    Please can you inform me as to what they can do over the phone?

    Can I send the issue to them via email.

    Are you suggesting the bdp3200 is defective?
  11. Same problem


    I appear to be suffering the same problem, started a thread specifically as I have a BDP3200 and a 32pfl3605.
  12. BDP3200/12 and 32pfl3605/05 intermittent signal loss


    The tv works ok with my terrestrial and satellite receivers, including HD mode.

    The player, when playing DVD's or BluRay, intermittently goes blank, no sound,
    comes back , usually about...
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