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  1. Hi Christoffer, There are many different...

    Hi Christoffer,

    There are many different models of remote control in the link provided. Please share with me which are the ones that are compatible. Thank you in advance.

  2. Where to purchase a BDP9600/98 Remote Control - RC2683401/01?

    Hi everyone,

    Though this is an obsolete model - BDP9600/98 of the 9000 series, mine is still in good condition and the only problem is the remote control unit (RC2683401/01) is faulty. I had got...
  3. Unable to stream contents from PC to BDP9600

    Hi Everyone, can anyone help me here? I am unable to stream from my PC to the player (BDP9600 ver 1.56). Here's my hw/sw configuration:

    Router - 2Wire
    DLNA Media Server sw - Windows Media Player...
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